Things To Care About While Doing SEO


May 12, 2015BloggingNo comments

The SEO world is moving so fast that every year SEO is changing and if you know how to rank site in 2012 then it won’t work for 2014. And now surprisingly its 2015, Google the biggest search engine become smarter so you have to take care about few things while doing SEO, or else ready to hear some music from Google which would take the rankings of your sites very down.

Currently, you can not come to the lair of the blackest black optimizer and say, “I can promote your website in no time” It just can’t do anything, so just take advance payment and disappear. Black search promotion of commercial sites is not working. Now, similar techniques are used only in specific schemes  “earnings in the network”, but not for websites companies that need real customers and real orders. To promote the site, you need to develop it, to fill the content, buy links with some good right donor scheme. Spam content and promotion of the main page on dozens of queries is no more positive to do.

Things To Care About While Doing SEO

Although after recent algorithm updates of Google, during the SEO-audits on the sites (especially on the main page) still found huge sheets text spammed keywords. Yes, it worked, but now the search engines prefer to “content for the people” – the standard size, with multiple occurrences of the key phrases or keyword density. Also noticeably tightened, especially after the implementation of the algorithm at the end of December 2010, the requirements for the upper limit number of keywords, which can be promoted on the same page. The main page that is moving through dozens of requests for extradition of drowning in most of them. Now Search Engine becomes smarter and if you are doing something unnatural with the link profile then ready for the negative impact of Google.

Meta Keywords, Title and Description, at the dawn of the Internet were specifically introduced into the markup language HTML search engine for transmitting information about the content of the pages. But, as we have previously mentioned, webmasters almost stopped paying attention to the content of these tags – this is especially true for Keywords. However, the Title and Description still have value. It is recommended to do unique, meaningful and at the same time containing the keywords of the page’s content. So many legends about the meta-tags (by total disregard to the hopes of maintaining Keywords) refuted. The next element of better SEO, the view that the website can reach the first page with no incoming links, only at the expense of content. And many people have practiced it, but only few companies or services providers like SEO Services in Kerala are following right. And actually, it is for the long run and you won’t get any negative impact from the Google for your site in the case if content is acting as a wall for your website and it would be standing straight in various updates.