Online Reputation Management: Emobot


July 14, 2016NewsNo comments

Emobot is a robot that online reputation management is taking as their next client to create an online marketing strategy. This robot is a miniature toy that learns and expresses itself as a real person. A complex algorithm was invented for this toy and will remain a secret for quite some time according to the head programmer of the toy. The Toy was designed for children to have the same interaction they would with a pet such as a dog or a cat. There are many households who can’t have any animals in the house due to allergies among family members so this is believed to be the next best thing. However, it is not only for children or people with no pets, even households with pets can use this toy. This toy has a live video feed which can be accessed from any smartphone by simply downloading the application.

Online Reputation Management: Emobot

The robot can also be controlled manually or set on a wide variety of modes such as sentry mode for security at night, baby cam to keep an on your child or even to play with your pet from work or school. This robot also learns the behaviours of every family member and reacts to them differently depending on their relationship with the person. If the robot is close to a person, they will always express their true feelings, but if they interact with someone they don’t feel any attachments towards, they will be polite no matter what emotions they are feeling. Another example is if someone at home kicked the bot on person, the bot will always have a sour image of that person until they do something nice.

The Emobot’s intelligence is quite uncanny for a piece of programming. Online reputation management is surprised how well this toy works but the only problem is that it costs around $229.99 and the company cannot decrease the price since a lot of capital was used to create this product. They decided to focus on a creating an online marketing campaign to get it popular so it can start selling and potentially donating for christmas and other occasions. The posted demonstration videos on Facebook and Instagram on how the robot works. The videos consisted of the bot communicating when it was happy or sad and this generated so much publicity. Many people were visiting the pages and liking and/or sharing the videos. Eventually they gave the bot a human name, Chucky. For some reason, it suited the bot and Chucky on the social media pages were always posting videos of trying new activities. He main personality was copied from R2-D2 who came from the star wars universe but he was a little nicer than R2-D2.