Modern and Modest Now Go Hand in Hand


February 19, 2018OtherNo comments

Times are changing and so is the fashion of the world. Nothing can compete with its pace and there is no room for the people who are left behind. You might think fashion is just for those living in the West, but you are highly mistaken. Now there is a large variety of modern Islamic clothing for women who have a knack for fashion yet want to look modest as ever. Be it for casual wear or for some occasion a little touch of fashion would make you stand out from the rest without reducing your modesty.

Modern and Modest Now Go Hand in Hand

Most women dress according to the clothing standards put forward in their religion. These most commonly include abayas, salwar kameez, burka, hijab, chador, niqab etc. You can wear all these types of women’s modest dresses along with a modern touch. Along with matching the time you are in these cloths will also reflect the standards put up by Islam. Yet you should always consider whether it would suit you lifestyle or personality or not before you wear them.

Here are few different types of the modern styles of the traditional Islamic clothing:

  • Modern abayas: this is a common yet dazzling look of loosely stitched pattern which is worn most often only when a woman has to step outside the house. They are even worn inside the house on many occasions. As it is a pretty common wear adding a stylish touch to it would mark your style on a regular basis. You can find hooded abayas, embroidered abayas, butterfly abayas, jersey abayas etc among the top styles for modern abayas.
  • Hijab styles: hijab is the piece of cloth Muslim women wear around their head covering them till their chest. Most women pick a dull coloured hijab to wrap around their head. Try something different by going for different colours, shapes and prints. They are also available in various materials such as viscose, chiffon, georgette, satin, knit etc. Try different fabrics and wear them correctly to your face dimensions to stand out from that regular dull look.
  • Niqab: niqab is the piece of cloth which is worn across the face of the woman covering the nose and mouth and revealing only the eyes of the woman. Previously niqab was mostly famous in the Arab and Asian countries, but in recent times more and more people all over the world are adopting the style of wearing a niqab. Wearing a niqab puts the full focus on your eyes. It adds a little mystery to the look. Thus it gives a fashionable as well as a modest look to the wearer.
  • Salwar kameez: if you are looking for fashionable yet modest dresses with sleeves, then salwar kameez it the way to go. You will get a wide range of choices of designs, material, length etc with it. The full length salwar kameez is originally a beautiful dress perfect for any occasion. But nowadays the short length kurtis are in great demand. Both the types are quite popular and they even protect the modesty of the woman.