How Your Smart Phone Can Help You


February 16, 2012Other5 Comments

The holidays, without a doubt, are such an amazing and exciting time. With all the decorations, food, parties and friends, it’s no wonder why people can hardly wait for that time of the year to arrive. However, despite all the cheerfulness and excitement, there is a downside to the holiday season, and that is stress.

What’s going to be on your menu this year? Do we get a real tree or an artificial one? Do I have enough money for that? What is Bieber Fever and how do I get it for my daughter? All of these questions seem to pop up at some point in time during the holidays, and the stress of trying to find answers to them can truly be overwhelming.

Thankfully, there is a tool to help solve any and every holiday parks crisis – the smart phone. Whatever you could possible think you might want or need to do, can be done right at your fingertips. So let’s examine a few ways a smart phone can assist you during the holiday season.

The biggest panic during the season is the shopping portion. Trying to get everything for everyone on your list can be scary, so in this situation, organization is the key. With a smart phone in your possession, you are able to create detailed and refined lists of everyone you need to purchase gifts for and what you plan to buy for them. You will be able to check off the items as you purchase them, letting you know who you have shopped for and who you are still in need of shopping for. This will help keep you on track every second of the day.

Another useful tool within a smart phone is the ability to search for holiday items right on the phone. You can jump online or download an application that will help you discover the hottest must have items of the season. You will be able to find out what stores carry various items, and where to go for the best bargains. There is a function available on the smart phone where users can scan the barcode of any item and your phone will tell you if that item is available for a cheaper price either at another store or online (which, if it is online, you can purchase from your phone).

With all the chaos of the holiday season, a smart phone will without a doubt keep you organized and focused. You will be able to get everything done, do all your research and shopping, create your menu and save money just by using your smart phone. With all the craziness surrounding the holidays, nothing sounds as smart as that!